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Williams, A. (2022). Insecurity. Stimulus: A Medical Humanities Journal, 2, 60.


I want my work to serve as portals to another world where stigmatization of mental illness and gender identity are not a reality. I contradict stereotypes of femininity, mental health, and self-perception. While some may consider the self-portrait the ultimate act of narcissism, I revel in it. I invoke imagery from Baroque portraiture, an era categorized by luxury and indulgence. I insert myself and my loved ones into these opulent scenes, but with an unmistakable modern streak. In my portraits, I emphasize features society deems less than perfect. Pores, cuts, and bruises compose the space in a decorative way that may be deemed grotesque. In my experience as a woman with OCD and trichotillomania, these encounters are a reality for me. I hope to capture these realities to spread awareness of my perspective. It is not my goal to romanticize my illness, but rather to acknowledge its power and truth as my reality. In an information-saturated world, I want my works to stand out as moments of raw and confrontative authenticity.
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