Our Red Sun

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Isabella Moreno. (2022). Our Red Sun . Stimulus: A Medical Humanities Journal, 2, 53. https://doi.org/10.32855/stimulus.2022.02.022


Just like the Sun, we change. We change every day, every month, every year. This picture was taken at the very beginning of the Fall ’21 semester, and it is by far one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. In my twenty-two years of living, I have never seen a red Sun until that moment, and I’m still waiting to see another one. Usually during sunset, the sky looks different. The clouds and the sky look colorful with swatches of pink, orange, and red. It’s amazing, and it’s all because of the Sun.  If we think about it, we actually have a lot more in common with the Sun than we think. When it’s gloomy outside, the Sun still comes out even if we don’t see it, just like we still go to work or to school when we don’t feel 100%. Our co-workers or classmates may not see the effort we put into getting out of bed, but we know it. Because of season and time changes, the days may feel longer or shorter. When the days are long, the Sun seems to never want to go down. A little just like us when we never want a moment to end. Or when the Sun goes down way sooner than expected, it’s like us when we realize something, like a deadline being way closer than we think. The Sun provides for us the way we provide for ourselves, without it we would not be able to live.  

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